Since the early eighties, frequent trips to the Far East and Burma have been made to find particularly beautiful, desirable gems often with unusual cutting styles.
In 1991, thanks to the well-established network of contacts and friendships, an extraordinary opportunity arose: a visit, under strict supervision, to the famous Mogok ruby and sapphire mines in the heart of Buma. Access is still impossible today without special permission from the Minister (CSPC) in person.



Brunelli is an importer of Australian opals since the late seventies when this beautiful gemstone was practically unknown in Italy. Over a thousand loose stones are always available, in addition to those already set on a wide range of finished jewellery pieces. From the simplest and most intriguing, to the rarest and most valuable, like the Black Opal.


Since that very first trip to Australia, the selected raw stones have been cut in the Padua workshop on special machines.
Stones are purchased directly at source, at the mine or the cutting factory, a rather arduous yet fascinating means of procurement, but the only one which makes it possible to be extremely competitive, both from the point of view of pricing and of quality.


Coober pedy _ Australia

Mogok’s mines _ Birmania