Gioielleria Brunelli,
The story.


Begins in 1976,with Maurizio Brunelli in Padua.
Maurizio’s early interest in the world of gemstones and jewels was awakened by pure chance and somewhat romantically: it was no easy task to find a distinctive, personal, item of jewellery for a gift in the late sixties in Italy where either the range of items was too standardised or the prices were far beyond the reach of a twenty-year-old.
Endowed with exceptional dexterity, fine aesthetic sense and tenacity, Maurizio created the first of what was to be a long and successful series of jewellery items, continuing today out of the studio workshop opened in 1976 in the ancient Jewish Ghetto in Padova.


In 1977, careful research into ergonomics and aesthetics led to the development of a brand new concept: the “Square Ring” takes shape.
Practical, understated and aesthetically pleasing, it proved surprisingly uncomplicated to wear.
The idea received an award at the “Diamonds Today 1977” De Beers Competition, alongside some of the top names in international jewels such as Damiani, Scavia and Calderoni. The awards ceremony was held in the Doge’s Palace in Venice.
Glimpses, these, of how today’s image would evolve, spurred on by that same enterprising spirit.



Since 2001 some of the Brunelli creations are part of the permanent of Zuckermann Palace in Padua, the historical and prestigious seat of the Bottacin Museum, as well as the Civic Museums of the city.

Zuckermann Palace (1912)


The turn of the second generation came in 2004 when Leonardo joined the family business after graduating in Jewel Design from Florence University, Faculty of Architecture.


In 2006 he became a Certified Diamond Grader with a Diploma from the HRD Antwerp Institute.
The following year, Leonardo took up an excellent job opportunity with the Israel Diamond Exchange, Tel Aviv, providing him with the chance to view and select a large number of stones and gain access to places such as the cutting factory which would otherwise be off-limits to outsiders. This opportunity proved to be an extraordinary professional and human experience as well as a source of shrewd acquisitions for the Padua house.



A growing array of skills supported by excellent training proved to be the foundation stones for a solid contribution to the business, which celebrated its 35th year in 2011.
Alongside his commitment to the family business, Leonardo developed contacts with leading companies in the field with whom he was proud to work as a freelance designer. Among these:

F.lli Calegaro_

Several projects, such as the “Gioielli” Collection, created for the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the company.



“Maree” Collection, in steel, diamonds and natural pearls.
Chosen for the 08/09 advertising campaign.